about hi im vio!! or vee :D pansexual + enby aquarius (0218)

likes byounggon <33 kirby, sanrio, pc collecting, deco, coding, soobin noises, yeonjuns aotm, the yoongi cat agenda :/, minecraft, and plushies!

dislikes non-byounggons, cishets, WHITE lgbt, the photocard market, srs shippers, people who take kpop too seriously.

links twt prns pins

byf this is my main/priv, req okay when priv, self proclaimed cixpopper... like cix over everyone, i mainly twt about cixtxt and my friends, i twt about txt in spanish soz, i also use gifs a lot, i dont take kpop seriously unless its over my ults esp cix, i jokingly hate on groups i like... i send dts sometimes... <3

dfi basic dfi criteria, stay/engene, omg or sf9 enjoyer, put kpop above morals, u ship idols, ur a weird nsfw kpop stan, ur going to be genuinely offended if i call a group flops... sexualize/ship txt GET A JOB.

ults cix byounggon txt yeonjun & soobin bts yoongi

semis yonghee dahyun momo junhan gaon chaeryeong ryujin bahiyyih hikaru chuu yoon sieun jiung sunwoo

groups cix txt bts twice xdh itzy loona stayc aespa nct dream justb ateez p1h chebul purki dreamnote ive